Henri Lou Designs began with a fateful detour on a routine trip from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. As founder Reagan Rowland drove through the ghost town of Calico, California, she was compelled to step out and explore. Enclosed by the colorful mountains which inspired the town’s name, she walked through the dirt roads and felt inspired by the natural beauty and subtle charm of Calico. Eventually her detour brought her to the town’s Saddle shop, where she was greeted by the owner, Henri; a true cowboy, and his wife, Lou.

As Reagan walked around the shop, she was drawn to the brass-o-rings that are used on snaffle bits for horses. She loved the color and shape of these classic pieces and had Henri make a bracelet for her, using these brass-o-rings and leather from his shop. The result was a beautiful, hand-crafted bracelet, which reflected the humble and timeless appeal of Calico. Reagan knew that what she created with Henri was special and so she decided to start a company dedicated to sharing what she experienced that day. Without hesitation, she fondly named her new line, ‘Henri Lou.’

Henri Lou now designs multiple lines of jewelry and handbags and more featuring the highest quality leather, suede, vintage rings and chains, and precious stones. Henri Lou can be found in over 500 boutiques domestically and internationally.


All Henri Lou Designs products are proudly designed & handmade in the United States.